About the Site

Here you’ll find insight about road bicycle racing, with a different and refreshing take on the evolution and crescendo of the bicycle race. The aim isn’t to post standard ‘race reports’ but to discuss elements of races, rides and training that often get overlooked, but for the keen racer are in fact the essence of the sport. It’s a totally different angle compared to the regular ‘race report’ you’ll find on the many online blogs that inhabit these interwebs.

As a racer and writer the content I publish herein focuses on those split second decisions that make or break a race. I focus on the hundreds of decisions that define each result. There are lots of stories describing glorious successes but even more novellas scribed detailing the times that the move didn’t pay off. The site is a testament to what it takes to race and what it takes to try and succeed.

There are no product reviews here, there’s enough of that online. Here is an inside view of the bike race. For keen and experienced racers it’ll ring true and make you think. For novice cyclists with no experience of pinning up and toeing the start line, it’ll give an insight into the facets of racing that no training plan or video of a race can ever provide.

About Me

I’m a keen amateur bike racer, mostly road racing in California, USA. I buy my own equipment and drive myself to races. Everything here is written by me for the sole purpose of making interesting, relatable and insightful content regarding racing. I don’t get paid for this. There are hundreds of cycling sites and blogs that exist online but I wanted to make something unique that offered something different. The stories here are my way of looking at things and describe how I think and race. The races are hard and I try, where it adds value, to incorporate real race data to contextualise them.

Drop an email if you have any questions. Follow on Twitter for more day-to-day insight into a cyclist’s mind, as well as, dare I say it, some humour.

I hope you enjoy the site.


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