Race Report: CCCX1

Posted 04 Feb 2016

By Adam Naguib

tags: race reports, MTB, data

The 2015/16 Winter in NorCal has been moist. Very wet. Racing and training has had to happen in rain and sometimes, in a lot of it. The morning of January 31, 2016 just outside Monterey, California was on theme. Heavy rain that had started hours before.

Resultantly, the cross-country course used for the first mountain bike race of this series at Fort Ord was a bit of a bog. In all honesty, not that much of a big deal, I mean, you expect to get filthy racing off-road. The temperature was more bothersome, combining with the wet to make hanging around at the start uncomfortable.

The men’s Category 3 race was approximately an hour long. The course had very little in the way of elevation gain and was not very technical and as a result, the terrain would reward someone with good hour-long fitness. That, on this occasion, was me. Punched to the front early, after a couple of tumbles I managed to forge ahead creating a pretty nice gap. My field had a combined start with the men’s Category 3 masters field making a total group of 16. Crossing the line 2 minutes ahead of the second place finisher was a good start to the season.

The effort itself was not unduly challenging (~56 minutes at an average of 175 BPM. My threshold heart rate is ~186 BPM). That time/intensity is well within routine training efforts that I have been putting in on the road for the start of the 2016 season. Hopefully, things will go better and better as the season progresses. In that sense, starting with the W was a nice bonus.