Listening To Music On Your Ride

Posted 09 Oct 2015

By Adam Naguib

tags: equipment

Absolutely infuriating. I can never tell if it is actually the noise or the fact that you don’t know what the noise actually is, that is so irritating. There has been a bit of a squeak for a while. A long while. It is transient. Only happens on hard, out-of-the-saddle efforts. I performed the standard actions: bottom bracket- looks good. Seat post/saddle rails- looks good. Headset- look good. Quick release skewers- look good. Seems to happen with multiple wheelsets...

I noticed that after stripping the bike the noise would go for a few days before returning. In my desperation I tried something else- I greased the interface between the quick release and frame. Wall-ah- noise gone. Now, let’s not downplay the timescale here. This annoyance has been off and on for a few years! For brevity and artistic license I abbreviated the saga here. So, you can tell my relief. How stupid is that?! Having said that, in hindsight, it makes sense. The noise would go for a few days after I stripped and invariably cleaned the bike. Most likely there was a little moisture that was retained at this interface after each bike wash which in most cases was the route cause of me taking the bike apart and reassembling. The moisture, hanging around for a few days before evaporating completely, gave rise to the transient halting of this irritating cacophony (of course, it was a minute noise, but to anyone who cares about their bike, even a small click is a deafening embarrassment). The interface itself is an aluminium drop-out with the same material on the quick release’s locking face. I guess that it is kind of normal for two metal surfaces clamped against each other to not have a perfect seated interface. And to make a noise when under duress.

True story here: can’t decide, new power record or identifying and banishing a bike click? Which is more satisfying? One of life’s true pleasures, it truly is.