The 2016 Road Race Season Starts Here

Posted 01 Sep 2015

By Adam Naguib

tags: racing, road

Quite an odd statement with it being September 1st 2015. True, the road races start incredibly early here in California, with the first events literally kicking off the New Year on January 1st. Nonetheless, that’s still 4 months away, or a third of an earth year. But, that’s the way it is in NorCal. The races are long, contain thousands of feet of climbing and have incredibly competitive fields. To get a result in 2016 preparation way before the end of the preceding year is a must. Crazily, the 2015 race season isn’t even over yet with a few sporadic events littering the final Summer and early Autumn weeks.

Last night was a pre pre-season check in with Coach. Discussing goals, methodology and race plans. In general, the plan is to spend the next 4 months building steadily towards the beginning of the 2016 race season that kicks off in January. With the first 3-4 months of the season being about adjustment and a steady crescendo towards the middle part of the season where the central objectives, or A-races, of the calendar lay. That’s quite a long build up you might think, but having moved to the Bay Area only 7 months hence, most of the race events are totally unknown to me. No-body ever turned up to a race and said “You know what, I was totally unaware of how hard the final climb of the race was as I have never entered this event before. Nonetheless, I was in the middle of a 9 minute effort by chance and steamed away from the field to snatch the W.” Nah, it’s more like “Jeez, that course was hard. If I had known I would have put my 28t cassette on.” The latter notion has more or less been the theme of my April-August 2015 race season. Missed the split as I didn’t realize the course would be buffeted by cross-winds, or the climb was closer to the end than I had thought, or the race is way too easy for a break to get away and stick and by the time I learned that I had burned more matches than a nicotine-addicted cowboy. Let’s be honest, having never been to Knight’s Ferry Road Race, Snelling Road Race, Bariani Road Race and so forth, the experience in the first part of the 2016 season will be the same. Let’s not kid ourselves. I can hope for some good fortune and good legs but without prior knowledge, it is hard to make a plan. I’m accepting that. By April, when the races I completed in 2015 come round again, the playing field will be a bit more level.

Anything can happen between this moment and Christmas and between then and April, but for now, that’s the theme. But, in the intermittent period, I’ll update the content on this site. Keep a tab on training, events, equipment and the Team’s development and make sure that when I finally do figure out which cassette to use on race day that things are as much in my favour as they can be. I’ll try to provide a wealth of information to other East Coasters who have made the West Coast transition as well as over time providing more information on KCC as a club and entity.